'Low Cloud in High Pass'(Sold)
'Calling The Dog In'(Sold)
'Breaking Over The Bay'(Sold)
'Cloud At Four'(Sold)
'Evening Cloud'(Sold)
'Snow Along The Bow' (Sold)
'Fog At Dawn-Perth County'(Sold)
'Light To The West'(Sold)
'Summer Clouds-Perth County'(Sold)
'Dawn Light - Hullett Marsh' NFS
'Twelve Miles Out' (Available)
'Ice Out' (Sold)
'Snow in the Low Spots'(Sold)
'Rollers - Long Point Lake Erie'(Sold)
 'Dawn's Early Light'(Sold)
'October Gold' (Sold)
'Moon Over Union Farm'(Sold)
'Breaking Over Bell's Barn' (Sold)
'Sunset Glow' (Sold)
'Clearing Up -Perth County'  (Ontario)(Sold)
'Storm Front'(Available)
'Dawn Mist - Shakespeare Pond'  (Ontario) Available
'Long Gone'(NFS)
'Fence Light' (Sold)
'More Rain On The Way'(Available)
'Ridge Light'(Sold)
'The Grassy Patch'(Sold)
'Last Line of Light-Algonquin'
'April Rain'
'Last Rays'(Alberta) Sold
'Cold Front' (Available)
'Winter Moon-Algonquin' (Sold)
'The Escarpment'(Sold)
'Last Glow' (Sold)
'Last of the Snow'(Sold)
'The Breakfast Fire' (Sold)
'April Shower' (Sold)
'Weaver's Field' (Sold)
'Snow Shower Over The Flats' (NFS)
' 'First Light-Hullett Marsh'  (Ontario)Sold
'Alberta Clouds'(Available)
'Winter Dusk-Alberta' (Sold)
'Snow on the Beach' (Sold)
'Rain Shower Over a Beaver Pond'(Sold)
'Red on The Rim' (Sold)
'Slice of Light' (Sold)
'Rain OnThe Way' (Sold)
'Here Comes the Sun'(Sold)
'Winter Clouds-Perth County' (Sold)
'Moon Over Lake Huron'(Sold)
'Midwinter Moon' (Sold) 
'The Smoke House' (Sold)
'Snow in a Cedar Swamp-Algonquin' (NFS)
Poster for my 2016 Solo Show 'LIGHTSCAPES'
'Edge of The Light' (Sold)
'Snow in the Foothills' (Available)
'Winter Afternoon-Perth County'(Available)
'Rain in the Fields' (Sold)
'Birches In Winter' (Sold)
'Rocky Shore' (Available)
'Snowline' NFS
'Winter Reduced'(Available)
'Snow to The North' (Available)
'Gathering Dark' (Sold)
'Red Sky at Night'(Available)
'Orange and Pom Glass' NFS
'The Ice Shelf' (Available)
'Double Blue-Walsh Apartments on Waterloo' (Sold))
'Rain Lifting' (Sold)
'Wet Road Home'(Available)
'Winter Sunset'(NFS)
'December Moon'(Sold)
'Winter Clouds-Sideroad 122' (Sold)
'Moon at Midnight' (Sold)
'Frost at Dawn-Algonquin' NFS
'Sundown-Hullett Marsh' (Sold)
'Bell's Barn'   (Shakespeare, Ontario)NFS
'Sun After Rain'(Sold)
'Off Long Point-Lake Erie' (Sold)
'Tide Pool Moon' (Sold)
'Morning Sun' (Sold)
'After The Rains' (Available)
'Fog at Dawn' (Available)
'Morning Clouds' (Sold)
'Rain on The Ridge' (Available)
'Dinner Smoke' (Sold)
'High Prairie Light'(Detail)Available
'Fog Bank-Lake Huron' (Available).
'Clearing Over Bell's Barn' (Sold)
'Big Alberta Sky' NFS
'Evening Cloud' (Available)
My first solo show-2012
'First Light-Hullett Marsh' (Sold)
'The Churchyard' (Sold)
'Back Pasture Light' NFS
'When The Dark Comes Early' (Available)
'Reed Reflections' NFS
'Bow River Sunset' (Sold)
In my studio
'Lights Across The Ice' (Sold)
'Winter Grasses' (Sold)
'Dusk Over Bell's Barn' (Sold)
'Breaking Wave' (Sold)
'The Lunch Menu'(Sold)
'Vapour Trail'(Sold)
'Alberta Alpenglow'  (Sold)
'Light to the West'(Available)
'Rolling Thunder' (Available)
'December Dusk' (Sold)
'Sunshower in the Foothills' (Available)
'The Low Cloud' (Sold)
'Sunset Cloud Form'(Sold)
'Light Over Ghost Lake' (Available)
'Orange Line Down' (Available)
'Forcefield' (Sold)
'Foothills V' (Available)
'Cold Night Coming' NFS
'Last Line of Light' (Sold)
'Last Mountain Light'(Available)
'Black Spruce'(Available)
'Rolling Thunder' (Available)
'From Horse Creek Road'(Sold)
'Snow in the Bush'(Available)
'Fog Rolling In' (Available)
'Winter Afternoon-Algonquin'(Available)
'Clouds Over Hullett Marsh'(Available)
'Frozen Shore'(Available)
'Winter's Last Light'(Sold)
'Snow To The North' (Available)
'Horizon Light'(Sold)
'Pale Morning Light' (Detail) Available
'Frost and Fog' (Available)
'Fog Rolling in'(Available)
'The Snow Road'(Available)
'Where the Sea Comes Through' (Available)
'Morning Fog-Ghost Valley'(Available)
'The Old Harris Place'(Available)
'Black Spruce'(Available)
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