Aug 5

Franciscan Life Center Landscape Painting

I will be teaching a 3 day workshop entitled 'Painting The Emotional Landscape' at the beautiful Franciscan Life Process Centre Art School in Lowell Michigan August 3-to 5.

Day1 will be basics: equipment, colour theory and colour
mixing, composition, values in black and white, values in
colour, the light planes. These last 3 would be taught
through a demo and student one on ones after lunch. The first topics would be
covered inside. A group crtitique with coffee follows after dinner!

Day 2 will be a demo in the morning by me demonstrating
the previous days lessons but we now would add in 'How to see
simply' (break down and design a complex scene). Afternoon would be
student painting while I do one on one instruction. Group critique again in the evening.

Day 3 Would be a demo by me again in the AM going over all
the points one more time and one on ones in the afternoon. I'd like students to pick up the book, 
"John Carlson's Book To Landscape Painting", if you don't already have it. But get the SOFTCOVER edition here:


My workshop is for painters who want to paint more simply with an emphasis on strong compositional design. I'll also show you how to get more mood and atmosphere into your work. All levels are welcome but unfortunately it isn't for novices who have never painted before.

I invite you to see more of my work at

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